Algebra Nation is a powerful teaching and learning system that is currently being used by more than 250,000 students and 6,000 teachers in all Florida school systems. Created by the Lastinger Center in partnership with Study Edge, a Gainesville-based educational technology company, Algebra Nation provides an array of highly effective resources and teaching and learning technologies that propel students toward math mastery.

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Since its launch three years ago, Algebra Nation has evolved into a specialized teaching and learning network that connects algebra teachers and students throughout Florida into a powerful learning community. Algebra Nation gives students access to high quality learning resources and real-time support; the system also gives Florida’s algebra teachers a platform to share effective strategies, to individualize learning and to ask for and receive support. Download the Algebra Nation brochure to see this transformative program in action.

Algebra Nation is made possible by the support of the Florida Legislature and Governor Rick Scott.

Critical components of Algebra Nation include:

Micro-video lessons taught by master teachers and study experts.
Original, custom-developed content 100% aligned to Florida’s math standards.
An Algebra Study Wall that gives provides immediate help to any algebra student throughout the day and evening.
A high quality, free of charge workbook.
An online assessment system for students to measure progress and mastery.
A teacher professional learning section that provides a plethora of lesson plans, successful strategies and immediate feedback.