The UF Coaching Academy: Improving Educator Effectiveness

Understanding the potential impact of the systemic use of coaching, the UF Lastinger Center has created, field-tested, and perfected a portfolio of research-driven coaching programs to advance learning in a range of areas and subjects and is offering access to them through a new Coaching Academy. Our Certified Coaching Programs include:

  • Instructional Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Peer Coaching
  • Early Childhood Coaching and Technical Assistance
  • Communities of Practice Coaching
  • Equity Coaching
  • Teacher Inquiry Coaching

The UF Lastinger Center Coaching Academy develops cadres of skilled educators who have a strong grasp of high quality instruction and who work effectively with peers to improve instructional practice and learning. Each coaching program is driven by cutting-edge research and evidence-based practice to help practitioners develop:

The ability to use high-impact instructional practices, as provided to teachers through professional learning opportunities.
A practical application of adult learning principles to support and enhance teacher practice and student learning.
The ability to use structured dialogue to support dynamic, fluid learning and strategy implementation to improve student outcomes.
A deep understanding of the district’s or organization’s instructional framework and the related observation instruments.
The knowledge to plan and lead job-embedded professional development.
The energized pursuit of inquiry with other educators to generate meaningful data to guide improvement.