Understanding the importance of early learning to children’s educational success, Miami-Dade County Public Schools (M-DCPS) Office of Early Childhood Programs partnered with the University of Florida Lastinger Center for Learning to augment its efforts to improve teacher quality in prekindergarten classrooms. Building on nearly a decade of partnership activity, M-DCPS and the University of Florida have created the VPK Academy-a job-embedded form of professional development to help teachers and paraprofessionals from Title I schools improve teaching practices and child outcomes in Miami’s Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) classrooms.  The VPK Academy brings together pre-k teachers and paraprofessionals to engage in a Community of Practice as a job-embedded professional development strategy led by teacher for teachers. These teacher leaders are completing the Lastinger Center’s Certified Community of Practice Facilitator program. And through the Communities of Practice sessions they lead, early childhood professionals engage in reflective dialogue, inquiry, and data analysis that ultimately impacts their teaching practice. These sessions occur regionally across Miami-Dade County and impact the outcomes of more than 3,000 children.