Participants at the Seminole County Showcase

The Lastinger Center has partnered with the Seminole County School District to facilitate the development of Peer Coaches and Communities of Practice across the county, with multiple coaches in each school.  These collaborative structures are designed to improve teacher practice in ways that are directly correlated to increased student outcomes, the overarching goal of the Lastinger Center.

Peer coaches are trained teachers who collaborate with and support other educators as they collectively grow their practice through a variety of research-based tools implemented in a non-evaluative way.  This capacity building effort has resulted in more than 200 peer coaches trained through a gradual release process occurring over a three-year period. Now in the third year, Seminole County is leading the work on their own, with peer coaching cohorts in every school to improve teacher practice across the district.

To increase the effectiveness of job-embedded professional learning led at the district level, district facilitators attended a four-day Communities of Practice training focused on providing the professional development providers with what the research states about effective PD as well as protocols and structures to optimize adult learning in the professional development they are providing.