UF Lastinger Center founders: Allen and Delores Lastinger

Former Barnett Bank Chief Operating Officer Allen Lastinger and his wife, former high school teacher Delores, founded the University of Florida Lastinger Center for Learning in 2002 with a $4 million endowment.

The Lastingers are UF alumni. Allen, who graduated from the P.K. Yonge Developmental Research School, earned his bachelor’s in business administration in 1965, the same year Delores earned hers in education. In 1971, he received his MBA from the university.

The UF Lastinger Center reflects Allen and Delores’ vision of practical training that improves teacher practice and student learning.

They are active board members who continuously contribute to the center’s success. Through their vision, the center brings the university’s research-tested methods and intellectual resources to the frontlines of public education.

“Close to 10 years ago, Allen and Delores, who’ve worked hard in life, found themselves in a position to give something back,” says Lastinger Center Director Don Pemberton. “They invested in education and planted a seed here in the College of Education. That seed has grown and grown and grown.”