Our Approach

The University of Florida Lastinger Center engages talented, skilled teams of professors and researchers, front-line educators, highly skilled partners and philanthropic, social and educational sector leaders to create innovations that push the boundaries of teaching and learning.

The Lastinger Center possesses a singular obsession about championing teachers and students, coupled with a deep respect for them. We infuse a powerful DNA into everything we do. It’s in our nature to listen, engage, reflect, co-develop, share vision, conduct research, build Communities of Practice, collaborate, inquire, stimulate discussions, espouse accountability, focus on results and continuous improvement, institute protocols and champion racial equity.

The power of the Lastinger model lies in the successful deployment of a series of interdependent and mutually reinforcing elements that draw on the latest research and effective practice to produce improvement in teacher practice, student learning and child well-being.

We develop customized learning solutions that draw on the latest neuroscience, cognitive and educational research and best practices. We have an understanding for existing systems and a drive to boldly reimagine them and build novel models. We also have a deep commitment to assay a community’s racial history to ensure our solutions meet all the needs of all children, especially the most vulnerable.

Our work is influenced by a decade of battle scars and successes of working with vulnerable schools and communities. As part of our approach, we:

  • Design and build on-the-job professional development systems and programs that aim to transform teaching and learning.
  • Reinvent graduate education as powerful job-embedded professional development that helps ignite teaching and accelerates learning. We’ve developed an onsite/online model that eliminates barriers to pursuing graduate degrees and customizes content to meet teacher needs.
  • Build online learning systems that bolster teacher practice. We partner with national, state and local governments to wed practical content, cutting-edge research, seasoned teachers and the latest technologies. The result is a powerful force for improving student learning, changing school culture and developing highly skilled teachers.
  • Engage, convene and mobilize communities to ensure healthy child development and learning. We partner with communities and states in a process that ensures systems meet vulnerable children’s educational, development and health needs. We collaboratively identify pressing needs, craft high-impact solutions, build initiatives, raise funds and evaluate results to ensure success.
  • Champion racial equity to ensure that all children have access to critical services.