Our Team and Partners

Visionary Leadership: Allen and Delores Lastinger

The Lastinger Center for Learning was made possible by the philanthropic leadership of Allen and Delores Lastinger, who are alumni of the University of Florida. Click here to read more about our founders.

The Lastinger Center Board of Directors

The Lastinger Center for Learning Advisory Board is comprised of a diverse group of highly dedicated individuals who are passionate about developing groundbreaking, replicable initiatives aimed at improving child well-being and learning.

Members of the Board represent a wide range of professions that include academia, the K-12 public school system, nonprofit organizations, media and educational consulting. The collective experience, expertise and acumen of the Board places the Lastinger Center for Learning among the premier institutes in the nation, changing the way in which the well-being and education of children are viewed and practiced. Click here to see our advisory board.

Lastinger Center Partners

The Lastinger Center for Learning collaborates with educational, governmental, social sector, and community organizations to improve teaching and student learning. Click here to check out our government and philanthropic partners, and click here to view our educational and academic partners.

Lastinger Center-Affiliated University of Florida Faculty

The interdisciplinary nature of the Lastinger Center’s work requires that we seek the expertise and acumen of specialists representing various academic fields.

Lastinger-affiliated University of Florida Faculty apply their knowledge of curriculum and instruction, pedagogy, professional learning communities, research and teacher inquiry to ensure that practitioners have the resources and supports they need to advance learning and promote child well-being. Click here to see our staff and affiliated faculty.

Lastinger Center Partner Schools

Lastinger Partner Schools work collaboratively to improve student achievement and implement high-quality professional development for teachers and principals. This network of schools creates a powerful learning community that capitalizes on collective knowledge, skills and best practices. Check out our partner schools here.