Pre-Registration Information

All registered attendees are urged to pre-register in the lobby of the Hyatt Regency Downtown.

Pre-registration will take place from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm on Wednesday, March 1st.

Confirmed Speakers

Gloria Ladson-Billings’ research examines the practices of teachers who are successful in multicultural classrooms. She is the author of critically acclaimed books, including “The Dreamkeepers: Successful Teachers of African American Children.” She holds the Kellner Family Distinguished Chair in Urban Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She also is past president of American Educational Research Association. Read more about Dr. Ladson-Billings.

Nancy Fichtman Dana is a best-selling author and expert in the study of practitioner inquiry. She serves as a professor of education in the School of Teaching and Learning at UF’s College of Education. Author of 10 books and over 60 articles, she has coached numerous teachers across the country and abroad in the study of their own teaching and leadership practice. Read more about Dr. Fichtman Dana.

John MacBeath is professor emeritus at the University of Cambridge and has authored or co-authored 20 books on education. He serves as director of Leadership for Learning at the Cambridge Network and projects director for the Centre for Commonwealth Education. His research focuses on educational leadership, and he also has worked with schools, education authorities and national governments on school self-evaluation. Read more about Professor MacBeath.

The PDiE Best Paper Awards

Presented at the Closing Session at 4:45 pm on March 3rd

The Professional Development in Education Best Paper Awards acknowledge and celebrate well-written papers that make a significant contribution to their field. The 2017 awards will be presented to the author(s) at the University of Florida International Teacher Leadership Conference.

#TLConference Paper Submissions

Abdo, H. & Ross, C.

Leadership Practices that Support Instructional Coaches

Click to download.

Arabaci Atlamaz, T.

ESL Teachers’ Challenges While Serving Students with Special Needs

Click to download.

Bird Suriano, K. & Osypian, B.

Turnaround Teacher Turnaround

Click to download.

Cannata, M., Engel, M., Nguyen, T & Curran, C.

Paths to Leadership: Understanding Teacher Influence in Hiring

Click to download.

Coady, M. & Peretz, A.

Preparing Teacher-Leaders for English Language Learners: The Role of Study Abroad

Click to download.

Dodman, S., Zuidema, E. & Kleiman, A.

Flipping the script: Teacher leadership for knowledge generation

Click to download.

Emerick-Brown, D.

Improving Student Rigor with T3XT: An Analytic Solution for Reading Comprehension and Written Expression

Click to download.

Harrison Berg, J., Connolly, C., Andrews, C.,  Lee, A. & Kelleher-Bianchi, K.

What is the Value of Teacher Leadership in School Turnaround?

Click to download.

Kelly, F.

Engaging on Teacher Leadership

Click to download.

LeTendre, G.

Institutionalized Career Pathways in Japan: How Roles Promote Professional Learning

Click to download.

Mattson, E.

The Effects of Mindfulness Awareness Practice of Conscious Breathing on Time-on-Task Behavior in a Third Grade Classroom

Click to download.

Moore, S.; Duggan, J., Massoud, L. & Frederick, C.

Teachers as Leaders for English Learner Instruction: A Case Study of Enhanced Education Connections

Click to download.

Pringle, R. & Hayes; L.

Becoming Science Teacher Leaders: Challenges and Opportunities

Click to download.

Rodgers, M. & Poe, N.

Coaching as Pedagogy: A Doorway to Teacher and Student Empowerment

Click to download.

Trabona, K., Taylor, M, Klein, E., Munakato, M & Rahmen, Z.

Navigating Teacher Leadership through Vertical Teams

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