School Visits

Below are information and links to sign up for school visits. Please note that you can only sign up for one visit.

 The Algebra Project: Exploring Quality Education as a Constitutional Right

Friday, March 3rd
9:00am – 12:00pm
Miami Northwestern High School,
Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Maximum Participants: 15

Civil rights icon Bob Moses founded the Algebra Project. The project sees quality education as the civil rights issue of our time. It uses mathematics as an organizing tool to ensure quality public school education for every child in America.

The Algebra Project, through a version of experiential learning, focuses on helping students learn how to engage in the inquiry process. The project uses a 5-step process that takes the learning from a meaningful shared student experience to the abstract. Through the pedagogy of The Algebra Project, teacher leadership lies within the foundation of a shared leadership between teacher, administrators, students, parents, community volunteers, and local universities. In Algebra Project experiences, the teacher’s voice is a voice for, and with, the students.

In this school visit session, participants will learn more about the history and pedagogy of The Algebra Project which aims to ensure equitable education for all students. Participants will have an opportunity to experience the 5-step process of learning facilitated by student leaders of the Miami Algebra Project. Lastly, participants will hear personal reflections from both teachers & students and close with a Q&A.

Keywords: Social Justice, Student Social/ Emotional/Academic Success, Community / Family Involvement

The Practice of Teacher Leadership for Educational Equity

Friday, March 3rd
8:30am – 11:30am
Teacher for America Partner School (TBD),
Miami-Dade County Public Schools

Join a team of experienced teacher educators from the Teach For America Miami-Dade region for a school visit to a local school. For 13 years their team has been working with K-12 schools in the Liberty City, Miami Gardens, Little Haiti, Homestead and Goulds, Overtown and Brownsville communities. Their Teacher Leaders have supported students in connecting with their power and potential to realize their hopes and dreams.

During your time you will visit one of our Teach for America partner schools located in the Miami area. Participants will travel by bus to meet members of the Teacher Leadership Development team and visit teacher leader classrooms. You will have the opportunity to learn about the context of a middle school in the urban center of Miami and explore the work our teacher leaders.

This visit will begin with a group discussion to learn about the school, neighborhood, and vision of the principal and staff. The team will talk about how they work with the school and what they do through their partnership. You will then spend time in small groups visiting classrooms along with practicing teacher educators who are supporting teachers. You will end your visit with a group discussion to explore the ideas and insights gained through our time together.

Keywords: Peer Collaboration/Mentorship

Teacher Leadership to Develop Personalization for Academic and Social Learning

Friday, March 3rd
8:30am – 11:30am
Flanagan High School,
Broward County Public Schools

Since 2012, Flanagan High School has been partnering with the National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools to develop, implement, and scale an innovation focused on Personalization for Academic and Social Learning (PASL). In this guided school visit, participants will meet with the teacher leaders on the school design team to learn about their experience designing and implementing an innovation. A rigorous case study research by the National Center on Scaling Up Effective Schools identified Personalization for Academic and Social Learning (PASL) as a key differentiating characteristic between higher and lower performing high schools in Broward County Public Schools. In 2012, the Center established a district innovation design team. It included teacher leaders, assistant principals, guidance counselors, and other educators from high schools and the central office. The team was in charge designing an innovation based on the initial research findings.

This school visit will have four parts. First, participants will meet with the SIDT to learn about the five components of PASL, using posters through a gallery walk that were used to introduce teachers to PASL at the beginning of the school year. After the gallery walk, SIDT members will also describe how they use evidence in their continuous improvement work. Second, participants will be divided into groups to observe part of a lesson on goal achievement that is one of the PASL components. Third, participants will meet with a small group of ninth grade students who take part in a personalization program supported by the principal. Finally, participants will meet again with the SIDT for Q&A.

Keywords: Peer Collaboration/ Mentorship